What Is This Site About?

This site is a collection of articles to learn about playing the violin and about musical knowledge in general. The aim is not to teach step by step to teach playing violin. That better comes from a teacher, or the countless number of videos on YouTube. But this is about clarifying your lessons. You might have a teacher or you might be trying to learn through one of the countless video tutorials available online. But there’s always a gap in explaining things. That’s what I’m trying to fill.

Why Not A YouTube Channel?

Because there’s an endless stream of video lessons and tutorials. I am a software engineer myself and I have always felt that videos don’t offer the same level of comprehension and speed of learning that comes from reading. To me, reading is the best. I intend this site to be an accompaniment if you’re learning from a teacher or from any of the countless number of video tutorials online.

How Well Do I Play?

I have learned to play violin since I was 10 years old and I’m 35 now. I also gave Trinity Guildhall Exams till Grade 5. So I kinda play OK OK. But I learn a lot about the background of things, and I’d like to share what I learn.